Dynamic component Label editing

I’ve already tried to edit multiple dynamic component name using notepad replace function after exporting the component in collada file. Unfortunately when you import the file back in skp the materials are gone and it doesn’t worth the manipulation.
I wondered if there is a way to capture the name (the label in fact) in a custom box and inject it in other labels?
By exemple; in the following image I’d like to simply edit the “NOM BRIQUE” label, then the text is written in a box. This text is directly selected to replace “NOM” in the other groups (NOM Cloison circulation & NOM NON)
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The instance name is connected to the label name on insertion from the saved definition, so just changing the instance to other values works, provided Name =“” and _name ="NOM BRIQUE”

Please upload DC file to fix if required

Here’s the file, don’t open it directly, import it instead or you won’t have the component options
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Matrice brique 2.skp (901.8 KB)