Dynamic Component interaction

Hi SU-sers,
I am trying to get something working. Almost there, but missing the right Value
Attachment makes clear what I want: I want B to lower to Z=0… when OnClick rotating A has reached Position Z=0. If all other positions of A… Component B will remain in it’s starting position Z=7.

Which one of you SU-Experts can help me out…?
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conditional change.skp (31.7 KB)

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This is FANTASTIC…! Thanks sooooo much… May I nominate you for the next SU Nobel prize…! I will send you the ‘end product’ as soon as it’s finished.
You’ve made my day…!
Kind regards

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ALMOST there…! Thanks to PCMOOR… :+1:
Based on the same subject… my next question is:
Q: What are the Z-formula('s) for B if it depends on the Rot-position of A and A2…?

Would the IF and AND functions be of any help in this case…?
Hope to hear from any of you guys/dolls…!

Have a good one…!
Rob The Treehouse Builder

conditional change.skp (23.8 KB)

the difficult part is understanding the point of change for the active is at -90, whereas for the dormant is at 0 (as expected)