Dynamic Components with Conditional Rotation

Because I got an ERROR on my previous Topic…I’ll repeat it here:
I hope you PRO GUYZ can solve the following issue:
Attachment more or less speaks for itself. I want Component B to rotate 90 degrees as soon as Component A has a ValueZ of zero. I’m almost sure there’s a way… but somehow I don’t seem to get the function coding right.

Anyone of you who can…? Looking forward to your solution(s).
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are they part of the same parent component? if so, looking at the Z position value of A and then using that set the Z axis rotation of B should work. if they’re not part of the same component, then likely you need some scripting.

They are both part of same parent component. After some random alternatives I finaly got it working. Script for Component A as follows:
Behaviors - onClick - animate(Z,20,0);animate(“B!rotz”,0,result_X)
Custom - result_X - =if(Z=0,0,90)

Thanks for trying to help…!

You can have children (DCs) reference each other in a file, moreover this file can act as a parent, thus can hold global attributes, which fill inserted DCs

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