Multi Dynamic Components Issue

Attached model has 3 Dynamic Components. A rotates 360 degrees in 4 stages, B lowers over Z axe from 3 to 0 when A reaches 0 degrees. At the same time (i.e. when B lowers to 0) C SHOULD BE ROTATING 90 degrees over Z axe.
So what I am looking for: the RotZ 90 degrees formula for C?
Hope you’ll be able to help me out.
Looking forward,
Rotz test 26feb.skp (234.8 KB)

Would this be what you’re looking for? Keep in mind that the original “On Click” feature was placed only on compo “A”

Rotz test 26feb (SU 2020).skp (320.7 KB)

Thanks for the attempt, Nino… Although it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for… But it has led to the right solution… Here it is… By the way, what helped me: Write all the code variations down in a matrix on a piece of paper… It makes it all more understandable and logical for your mind.
Thanks again.

Rotz test 27feb SOLVED.skp (235 KB)