Dynamic component insertion through menu bar


Is it there is way to insert the dynamic components through the menu bar, as well as display the component option?? Instead of component browser…


Via the 3D Warehouse ?

UI.menu("Plugins").add_item("Add Models...") {

Auto opening the component option window was discussed in this topic (with a example extension) …

Thanks Dan!.,
Would like to load in-house kitchen cabinets over the local network, with user has to click the menu bar to insert the modules into the sketchup window for building the kitchen. something like click and drop. the components will be placed in the particular path @ server.or in the local machine

Any suggestions/ help has been highly appreciated…:slight_smile:

Network latency can be an issue, especially during SketchUp startup (when menus usually are built.)

I’ll send you an example of loading menu items for local folders. Watch for a PM.

Sure. Thanks