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As part of my MSc we are doing a module on BIM and are using sketchup to do a basic drawing. I have no previous experience of sketchup.

We have been asked to create dynamic components which I believe will then be extracted to a CDE.

Some of the items I have downloaded from the 3d warehouse have been hit and miss in editing. I’ve selected item, exploded and then “made component”. Though if I then right click and go to dynamic components and then component attributes there is still data or groups in there which I can’t delete.

I have experimented with making a component unique but it’s all a bit hit or miss really. Our lecturer is away and some of the posts I have found online cover more advanced elements of dynamic than I need. The two groups below Break Glass I don’t want but can’t seem to delete them. Thanks in advance

If you want to explode components to lower levels , just keep exploding the selected component (eg keep right-clicking the selected entities,untill the option explode has gone) Dig deeper in the component.
However, there’s probably a good reason for this internal hiearchy of groups and components, so you would have to have a pretty good reason to do this.
The dynamic component attributes dialog only shows the ‘Child’ - level of the selected component and it self. It can contain many more levels underneath and each component/ group in the lower levels can have dynamic attributes.
While investigating the component,you might wanna have the Outliner open and the Entity info in your tray. Might I ask what it is for?

What’s what for? Sorry think I’m lost already haha.

Basically even though I am downloading from the 3d warehouse we have to make the components our “own” to put data in them which will then be extracted to our BIM model and common data environment.

Rather than just use the existing data I wanted to change it and in some cases such as windows or doors reduce the detail it provides

Well, data is just data and will only be useful when it can be ‘read’ by others. You can do this by adding custom attributes via the components attributes window, and then SU-users will see this information in the components Option window. By adding a classification which has a more universal standard you will add data that could be read by everyone who agreed with that classification standard. SketchUp comes with the Ifc2x3 standard and by tagging components in your model , this options pop up in the components Options dialog.

BIM.skp (314.7 KB)

FYI, Classifications is a Pro-Only feature.

For help with Dynamic Components, I created a pinned wiki thread with help links in this category.
You’ll need to go through some of the tutorial components, and read the section of the User Guide on them.

Dynamic Components User’s Guide

Thanks for this topic, that really give me a good info to go on with my new set up

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