DXF wrong conversion with my marble cutting service provider

I send a dxf file to a marble cutting company,
their software didn’t read the same distances, so I received some shorter pieces than expected…
They said it’s my fault… I confess, “may be”, but I want to understand why!
the lenghtes are ok, but the widthes not!

Is anyone can read my file and tell me what’s wrong?

thanks a lot
thibaut (from france)

Please supply the SKP and DXF.
Otherwise we will be guessing…

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TIG is replying, and may not type as fast as me! I will answer, and see if what I say is close to what he’s typing…

You may have exported 2D DXF, from a perspective or non-top view. A safer option is to export 3D DXF, and also turn off Faces. That way they will get a good top down view, and the arcs and circles will come out as true curves.

edit: TIG said less than I was expecting!

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Thanks guy for the fasten answers,

this may be a problem of view when converting… RECUP GRANDE CHUTE.dxf (96.6 KB)
this is the file I send to the company

and this is the new one I send following your advices

hopefully the error came for a “secondary” mission, so the damages are surmountable…
thanks for all

The newer one seems to have a better height.

I noticed that your numbers are made from line segments instead of curves. How were those numbers made?

To recap what’s been said…
If you export the SKP model as a 2d DXF you must set an orthogonal view, e.g. ‘Top’ and set the camera’s perspective to be ‘off’.
Then it should be a true ‘flat’ [2d] DXF, but remember that in this type of export all curves/arcs/circles become segmented and it ignore any ‘fineness’ in any arcs’ settings - using default segmentation, also any layers [tags] are ignored - so it’s effectively a low quality 2d-snapshot DXF…
By exporting a 3d DXF [without faces] - with its views set logically - it will you give better results, because the geometry will be properly exported and any arcs or circles will not be segmented and layers will be respected, when viewed on the CAD side…

so to sum-up, 3D is better, but I must avoid to leave the perspective view :wink:

I’m so sorry :relaxed: but my english is too limited to understand the second sentence

The camera settings don’t matter if you do the 3D export. The camera settings do matter if you do a 2D export.