DXF Reference Docs


I’m looking for the earliest reference I can find for the dxf format. I found the ones for Release 14 from AutoCAD at this link, but I was hoping someone might have one from an even earlier version. Thanks.

I was not able to run the R13 EXE from the same link - does anyone know how to open it? It’s probably a DOS executable.


R13.exe is a DOS executable, but I don’t think it is the main Acad program.


No, it’s a help file - which is what I want.

Actually 7zip was able to extract the .hlp file from the ,.exe but now I don’t know how to open the .hlp file. WIndows 10 does not support it. I’ve been looking through old Windows CD’s for WINHLP.EXE but have not found one that will run on Win 10.


It appears to be a 16-bit self-extracting executable. Launching it under Windows XP gives this:


Try this:


Oh cool - I have a Windows XP CD so hopefully I can get the winhlp.exe from it and it runs in Win 10. Thanks.


Thanks John. Not quite what I am looking for but Interesting.


I happen to have an XP I use for work, so it was easy enough to extract and run it. You mention Windows 10, but if you have access to a Windows 7 machine, you might try this approach:



In DOS AutoCad (v. 2.5 …13) the help was in a printed manual. Unfortunately they were too heavy to carry around when my workplace has moved several times since then.



Is it me or doesn’t a Google come up with lots of hits ?


Of course. I was asking for earlier versions than are available through obvious avenues.


I do not have acces, and can’t find my XP cd although I know I have it here somewhere. At the moment I am stuck.

I do appreciate everyone’s replies. The version I have from the AutoCAD site is R14 which goes back to 1997 and really should be ancient enough.


r14 http://www.autodesk.com/techpubs/autocad/dxf/reference/

r13 https://filemonger.com/specs/dxf/wotsit.org/dxf13/R13DXF/R13DXF.html

r12 http://www.relief.hu/h_dxf12.html