DXF & DWG Export BugSplat!

When I export either type I get a splat. I’m trying to export this 3d image,

any idea why this is happening? This is the image as a jpg

this is the first time exporting dxf from my new computer, using SUp 2016,
I tried selecting AutoCad 2013, same result. I hope this is an easy one to resolve :slight_smile:

my Settings

I think you are exporting as 2D graphic. why not export as 3D?

2D export may involve large amount of calculation since it needs to flatten objects into 2D lines. I am guessing that is why it is giving you bug splat. Try 3D Model export and see if that gives you any different result.

Yeah that worked, thanks Joseph!

now, I don’t have autocad, or any other cad,

what’s a good free dxf dwg Viewer??

I believe Autodesk offers free Viewer which can open DWG files.
I trust them as DWG is the native file for their product AutoCAD.

I don’t have experience in opening one with it since I work with full version of AutoCAD.
Illustrator also will oepn DWG files. but that isn’t free either.

Sorry that I can’t answer better.

I can’t say how good it is but Google Docs shows .dxf files as images.

well, that 3d dxf and dwg export didn’t work, it looks like a wireframe view, textures are gone and the text is messed up.

actually, you will have a lot of information that goes missing upon export. (materials)
You should see the surfaces, that’s setting on the viewer I think.

this is what I see, using the autocad dwg viewer …


This is what I can see of the 3D exported stuff from SketchUp in AutoCAD.

It is wireframe by default, I just had to change the view settings.
Look under “view”?

Is that ‘View’ in SUp, because mine is set for Shaded With Textures.

In True View I see ‘Shaded With Edges’ but it’s still a lousy image without its Textures, and when I zoom out I can see other parts of the model which weren’t in the Viewport when I exported the dxf?

Unlike the 2D graphic exporters, the 3D exporters export the whole model, not just the contents of the viewport.

It doesn’t matter what you set your View mode in SketchUp when exporting 3D model.

I was referring to View modes in your DWG viewer.

Textures, meaning color and and your solar panel image didn’t carry in?
Surface in the DWG is what you can get. All other material information will be lost. (as I have said before)

What you can expect to see in DWG export is pretty much “shaded” mode in SketchUp.

I am still not sure why you are trying to export your nice model into DWG which loses a lot of data in the process.
What you are experiencing is normal, I think.

I’m trying these dwg and dxf because my client wants to bring the plans pages into autocad or some other cad.

There are no textures in AutoCad. That is why you cannot see them there.

BTW, have you tried importing scenes of your model into LayOut, and exporting to DWG or DXF from there?


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No Anssi, I’ve never looked at layout,

Joe, I think it’s high time to you get to using LayOut. After all, you bought it. :wink:

@JoeFromSDiego Images from SketchUcation are not visible in this forum, and cannot be seen (when clicking on the icon) unless also logged into SketchUcation. This is akward for users. It would be more “tidy” if you just pasted the images into your posts here. (They are kept on the fastly server.)

Re, viewing (and editing) DWG or DXF for free:

I’d recommend the free Dassault DraftSight 2D. (It requires, each year, that you register your email address to use it.) Opens and saves DWG. It can also save as / open DXF R12 up through R2013, both text (ASCII) and binary formats.

Also there is the open source, LibreCAD (a fork of QCAD,) which saves natively as DXF 2007, and explicitly (via “Save As…”) from R12 up to R2007. It can open DWG, but may need an export plugin to save as DWG.

thought I was so smart linking the images like that :slight_smile:

Here’s the image I’m trying to dxf,

I think the problem is, it’s a 3d view, I can export front and side views 2d dxf no problem,

would they even want 3d views in autocad?

So do people use 3d images in autocad??

Who is “they”? your client?
if your client wants 3D file, then I presume that they want all the information so they can have a spin of the model themselves.

I am not sure if I understand “3D image”.

3D model export file contains all the data that is included in your model. It is NOT just a snapshot of what you see there at the point of export.

2D graphics export will be a snapshot of what you see at the point of export. If it was exported as DWG, it will just be flattened.

Does that make sense?

So, you will either deliver 3D model (export) or 2D image (flattened).