DWG Export message "Reduce the image size or DPI"

So, export finishes with a success message. But in between there was an error message flickering up…
Just for a second or so. Needed a screen recorder to get this screenshot. That’s really bad user experience!

And, what really does it try to tell me? The export looks ok at a quick glance, but i am not an expert on dwg’s…

That message, and the red “x” across the screen, indicate that the SketchUp model failed to render to the screen. I’m going to guess that LayOut was dedicating a significant amount of memory to the DWG export process, and had to temporarily disable the onscreen rendering so the export would be successful.

If you run Resource Manager and watch the memory usage during export, how much memory does LayOut use?


Hmm, can’t replicate it anymore… Maybe i had several docs open, and a couple of skp’s…
(16G ram, 4GquattroM200M)
Anyways, if the message was Screen Rendering failed… maybe i would hav understood, and ignored it.

My doc. is fairly simple, with 8 pages only, 20MB size.
Looking inside the layout doc.(zip file) i see nothing giant: