DWG corrupt export

I have exported geometry in this fashion for water jetting etc, for yrs but i cannot figure out what i am doing wrong here.
can someone correct me as to why my DWG,s are exporting with this behavior

sketchup V2020, i tried to send back to 2018 and exporting from 2018 with the same result



Does this one work for you?

I had to bring into layout and export as a PDF to get those results.
If i may kindly ask,what may i be doing wrong?

I’m not sure sure exactly what you had wrong. I found some geometry at a distance from the rest of the model. It’s in the lower right corner of the screen grab.

I deleted that and moved the rest of the model to the origin instead of having it floating somewhere randomly in space. Then I hit Zoom Extents although that’s probably not a big deal.

I also use the 3D .dwg export instead of the 2D export when I exported it directly from SketchUp.

Thank you, i can always figure out a work around, i had to export from a PDF and bring back into Rhino…

I cant for the life of me get this file to properly export to a DWG, i assume you opened the DWG i sent and seen what i was referring to.

I also tried to move it to the Origin with the same results.
exporting as a DXF produces the same results.

you lost me with the 2D Model export Dave, i never seen that option in many yrs of releases.

I didn’t look at your .dwg before. I just imported yours into SketchUp and see basically the same thing I saw in your .skp file. The extra geometry in the near right corner and everything away from the axis.

There are two different exporters for DXF and DWG files. One found under the 2D Graphic export and the other Under 3D Model. Generally even for 2D drawings like yours the 3D export is a better option because it results in smoother curves. For 2D drawings, though, you need to make sure the appropriate view is selected, Top in this case, and that the camera is set to Parallel Projection.

yes i always set my camera to parallel projection align my export in a 2d plane usually “plan view”, and yes as a DWG export, i export as a 3D model

Here is what i am getting that i cant figure out, and i have been using SKP to export to DWG for water jetting for yrs

so i just tried selecting all the geometry for the lines beneath “A” welded them and exported them as DXF,
all the lines i welded exported correctly and the ones i did not weld exported like the picture. so i guess we can call this resolved."kinda sorta anyways"

thank you for your many years of continued contribution.

Kind Regards,
Gerald Thompson

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