Duplicating images

Hi Gang-
I’m a SketchUp greenhorn and have a question regarding duplicating images.
So I build and image, say a house. This is a basic house, walls, roof, doors and window.
Each of the components are created and group on its own layer.

Now I would like to create a neighborhood using this single image by copying and pasting.
When I copy and paste the image with its multiple layers will the layers be combined into one single layer or will the multiple layers remain intact?

Many thanks

Please explain more what you are trying to do; your use of the word “image” confuses me, so the discussion below may be off the mark. A SketchUp model can export images corresponding to a particular view, but the model is not an image…

If you just want to create multiple copies of your house use the move tool with the copy option (press ctrl on PC, alt on Mac to toggle to copy mode). You can make as many copies as necessary at new locations, and can rotate them if you want to vary the orientation. If you want all the copies to be identical, including if you subsequently edit one, use Components. If they will be independent, use a Group.

Also, make sure you are not confused about what SketchUp Layers do. An entity refers to a Layer to get a visibility control toggle. The Layer does not own, contain, or isolate the entity in any way, it just provides a visibility toggle that multiple entities can share. So, when you copy the Group or ComponentInstance, the new copy will still refer to the same Layer as the original.

Image: I created a basic house/image. I want to duplicate the image multiple times so to create a neighborhood. Will the layers remain intact in the event I need to edit one of them

The thing you create in SketchUp is called a “model.”

In general, the term “image” refers to a bitmap, which is a 2D graphic that depicts objects by means of pixels. Certain pixels are on; others are off. The resulting array of pixels is interpreted by the human eye/brain as a picture. Bitmap images can be edited with a Paint program, such as PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro.

The term “drawing,” or “vector drawing,” generally refers to a 2D document consisting of lines and curves that are recorded as mathematical expressions. Drawings can be edited with a drawing or CAD program, such as CorelDraw or AutoCAD.

You can export images and drawings from SU as a form of output. You can import them as a form of input.


If you grab grouped geometry and copy/paste, they will retain their layer information.

Word of warning, though… make sure that you draw all geometry on Layer0 and only assign groups/components to other layers. Failure to do so can be… unpleasant.

Thanks for the clarification.
I come from a mac adobe world.


Thanks Aron.

Can you tell me if SketchUp offers any weekend classes in the St. Louis, MO area?


Check here for “live” training.