Duplicated material folders

Looking for materials in Sketchup 2019 I found out that there are duplicates of all the folders that I placed in the Materials folder. The strange thing is that in the folder there is only one instance of each folder. The duplicates show only in the Paint Bucket.

Any ideas as to how to get rid of the extra folders?

Which Materials folder did you put the collections into?

I forgot to say I am on Mac. Anyway, I placed them at User>Application Support>Sketchup 2019>Sketchup>Materials.

You seem to suggest that there is more than one location for materials.

SU’s default materials are in app contents folder, and some extensions may make copies of User materials in there, if you didn’t…


Here go two screenshots: of the materials that come with Sketchup and the ones I placed in the other, easier to find, folder. There is no duplicates in either of them. So how come there are so many when I open the Paint Bucket?

I will try Dave’s tip about 2018.


There is another:
You probably have a SketchUp 20XX folder in your system library:
Harddisc-> System->Library->Application Support->SketchUp 20XX->etc.

Following Dave’s suggestion, I renamed the Material folder in 2018 to Mats, closed 2019 and opened it again. The duplication is gone! So 2019 was reading that folder as well, perhaps because I had moved the materials from there. I wonder if renaming that folder to its original name will bring back the problem.