Duplicate 'spherical' holes in object?


I’m trying to re-create the central part of an axial bearing.

I wanted to use the rotate tool to the duplicate the initial hole and set the angle at 32.7272 (i.e. 360 ÷ 11) , and then enter x10. Unfortunately I still had to do ‘intersect faces with model’ and click on each duplication twice, to get the hole to appear…

Skp file: 036_axial bearing.skp (719.5 KB)




I would select all of it and intersect faces. Then delete each one.



Also you could select the top surface (minus the holes) and then"shift-select" the complete top face which will select all the holes and then delete them all at once. - repeat for the other side.

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If you create the holes first, you can Push/Pull the entire surface (a trick I learned from @DaveR):



The holes are parts of spheres.

One thing you can do rather than doing 22.7272 is
Start the array, type 360 and hit enter then type 11/ enter and you’ll have 11 spaced perfectly around your ring.



I realized that after I posted the suggestion :neutral_face:

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