Dual dimension layout (imperial & metric) v

I understand so much. But when you have no choice, you have to live with it.

So much. Nothing to add, except:
why this option is still not valid in layout…??? seriously !

Indeed, it avoids conversion errors, it allows to talk to people who use one or the other system without having to redo or convert data.

Why doesn’t Layout have this? It seems to me that it is part of the basics of a software that allows to indicate measures!

You’re reapting yourself. That’s not helpful.

FWIW, at this point you can count on the feature never being available in LayOut 2020.

One more vote in favor of this feature if the layout gods are monitoring this chanell. I would find dual dims in Layout very helpful. I work in both systems as well (and actually really enjoy each system for different reasons) just printing both solves so many problems and makes the document context proof, send it anywhere and it makes friends with everyone.


I prefer to believe that this feature will arrive one day!

It might arrive one day but not in LayOut 2020 which is what you indicate you are using.

I use the latest version of Sketchup-Layout. I am always up to date.
I didn’t write a particular version. I use Sketchup since version 6.

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lol! I didn’t even know this information was there. Thank you.

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This is very much a north American thing – the rest of the world is mostly metric. I guess you’d produce your drawings in feet and inches, save a copy and change units to metric (millimetres). If your building code is metric, submit your proposals in metric, then issue your imperial set to your builders. Time for you guys to move on.


Not a very constructive comment. It’s also about reading the plan. Sharing information. It’s still a simple option to add to a layout that won’t hurt anyone ! :wink: