Dual Dimension in Layout


I dimension all of my drawings in both metric and imperial in Layout. I spend a lot of time dimensioning twice and then adjusting the presentation to be clear and clean. It seems like a simple check box to show the numbers in both imperial and metric would be easy to do. How do others handle this issue. I noticed SketchUcation has a plug-in called Dual Dims, but I don’t have access to it and it looks to be SketchUp only.


There isn’t currently an option for dual dimensions in LayOut.

Why don’t you have access to it? You could.

It is a plugin for SketchUp so to use it you would need to do your dimensioning in sketchUp.


I do my dimensioning in Layout as I find it cleaner and using scenes in Layout for a variety of views. SU dimensions don’t translate well in my experience.


I do all dimensioning in LO, too but at this time, TIG’s Dual Dims is the only game in town for dual dimensions unless you make them yourself.


OK! Time to let SketchUp know we need this feature.


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Nah. Just your every day oxygen cylinder.


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Sorry for going off topic.


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That one is all work.


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