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have just got me the sketch make 2018, however for life of me can not locate where the file dropdown menu is? I am using iMac 2014 can anyone tell me how to get the drop down menu file could be configured?I have my normal iMac drop down menu but it is of no use as does not have the accosted functions of sketch! HELP

Please clarify. There is no SketchUp 2018 Make. Are you using the trial version of SketchUp 2018 Pro? Or are you using SketchUp Free which is the web-based version? And what drop down menu are you looking for exactly?

If you are using SketchUp Free, spend a little time here: Getting Started with SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help Also read the chapters linked at the right on that page.

I have sketch make free off the browser. I want to import jpeg image in to sketchup and edit it there. to import I see no menu anywhere?!

You mean you have SketchUp Free? SketchUp Make is a different version.

SketchUp isn’t an image editor. You can import a JPG file to use as a texture or place as an image in the model space.



OK. From that menu screen shot you must be using the trial version of SketchUp Pro not SketchUp Free. Or did you get that image from someplace else?

To import a JPG, use File>Import. (Right under Trimble Connect)

dear Dave ,have attached the screenshot of tile drop down menu

Slow down and wait for my reply.

OK Dave.

So to repeat:

No do not have trial version it is web based free version. I got the screenshot off the youtube as I tried to find how to import the image from youtube! and the drop down menu was there thus my confusion as to why I do not have it. However thanks will try your method and I am most obliged to you.

You’re using a different version from what the author of the YouTube video was using.

SketchUp Free, the browser-based version does not have that menu. Instead, click on the file folder icon and choose Insert.

You should read the Help files on using SketchUp Free.

The SketchUp team decided to create a new highly unconventional UI, for no apparent reason. There is no File menu! No Edit menu or View menu either.

The version with the full UI can still be downloaded here: https://www.sketchup.com/download/all

dear Dave
indeed managed to import the image as you suggested. Having imported the
image and anchoring it for the life of me can not save the dimension! in
that using the measurement tool have chosen to point and typed the
dimension but see no save feature to give the entire image required scale!
if you are able to help will be most appreciative to you indeed thanks for
your time.
much regards

Denis F. Assassi

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