Drawing Screws - Drill Bits

After searching the forum and finding threads about this subject, I downloaded the Curve Maker plug-in and tried using it. I’ve had little luck. I’m doing this as much for an exercise to improve my SU drawing skills as for the need to depict drill bits.

I chose the Helix form, but I have no idea how to control pitch and length. Can anyone point me to a source to learn?



or… DaveR has illustrated creating such geometry in the past using native tools on his woodworking blog

If you want them as components to use in assembly drawings, a full screw thread multiplied many times will overload your model with edges and faces. There are simpler ways of showing that - see for example my Woodscrews collection in 3D warehoue, drawn with FaceMe component images for the threads.

But if it’s just an exercise, see if you can find documentation for how to use CurveMaker - I don’t use it, so don’t know how it works.

There are other plugins to help draw helices - e.g., (from SketchUcation plugin store, SU Parametric Shapes, or Spirix from the author’s website if it isn’t in Extension Warehouse - google for Spirix).

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Since what you want to do is learn to use the Curve Maker tools, @mics_54 has supplied you with a link to the author’s website. There is documentation on the use of the tools available there. In basic terms, you start to draw the helix by clicking to set the center and dragging out to set a radius. Pay attention to the Measurements box. Type in the parameter you’re after and hit Enter. It’ll cycle to the next parameter. Keep entering numbers until you get back around to the beginning. If the value is as you wish, just hit Enter to move to the next one. You can keep changing values until you are happy with the result.

With a little playing around you’ll be able to make helices with varying pitch. Don’t overlook the various spirals.

Out of curiosity, how will you use the models of your drill bits once you create them?

Thanks to all for the replies. I’m still learning Curve Maker. In addition to the learning aspect of this exercise, I want to draw some brad point drill bits to use as components in a model I’m drawing. When (if?) I learn how to do this, I’ll post results and things I learned along the way.

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