Drawing rectangle without cutting face

This is probably a dumb question, but how do I draw a rectangle without cutting away the face of the plane onto which I’m drawing it? I’ve previously used the rectangle tool to draw some walls onto a floorplan, but now when I try to add more walls, rather than drawing a rectangular wall, Sketchup cuts away that portion of the floorplan. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any insight anyone can offer!

The are two ways to prevent new geometry from interacting with existing geometry. Either create the new geometry so it isn’t in contact with the existing geometry or put the existing geometry in a group or component before creating the new.

Is it removing the portion of the plan or is it simply covering it with a face? Sharing your SketchUp model file would be helpful.

Hmmm… never mind. Now it’s drawing rectangular walls again after I briefly clicked on the draw tool and then re-selected the rectangle tool. Does anyone know how to toggle between the rectangle tool’s “cut” and “draw” functions?

These isn’t a function like that to toggle.

Got it! THANK YOU for your prompt and helpful response! I didn’t see your earlier response before I added to my initial question.

There isn’t a function like that. Oops Dave beat me again!

Can you reproduce the effect and demonstrate in a picture or model how you did it?

He is quick … or … has quite a bit of time on his hands.

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Most likely both