Drawing Patterns in Sketchup and Layout, video disappeared?


Hello everyone,

I have been reading the Sketchupdate and blog sites and read the article about drawing patterns in Sketchup.

But the video says “does not exist”.

Does anyone know of a link to this official video that still works somewhere?

Thank you,

Here is the original article


These, perhaps?

SketchUp Skill Builder: Creating Patterns with Components - Part 1 - YouTube
SketchUp Skill Builder: Creating Patterns with Components - Part 2 - YouTube



Those might be useful, and I found those quickly too. But, the original video claimed to be a three part series, so either it’s a different one, or they never recorded the third one.


Or maybe they squeezed some of the hot air out of the series and ended up with two parts instead of three.



Thanks, I’ll check it out.


Edited because I was wrong.


Thanks for pointing that out, Rick. I just fixed the video link in that blog post; feel free to check back now:


Regarding the three parts to that series… here they are:

1] Creating Patterns with Components - Part 1
2] Create Patterns with Components - Part 2
3] Creating LayOut Patterns

Looks like we need to do a little editing on those titles; sorry for the confusion there!


Cool, thank you so much. So Gully was right, it’s the same videos?

Great find.


wow, finally got power back from Florida thunderstorms and these tutorials are extremely informative. So thanks for helping me find them.