Drawing of a flat surface not happening

I seem to have a stubborn model. When I draw on to a flat surface it does not seem to intersect.
Drawing a hole will not push/pull through.
Any thoughts please. It is happening on nearly all flat surfaces.

An image doesn’t really help. We need to see the model.

Sorry school boy error.
Too big to post.
File here

Context, your geometry is outside the group.
GIF 17-05-2024 8-21-03 PM

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That push pull was just an example.
I have drawn a circle, made sure it has push pulled through.
I then copied the circle around the perimeter, and they just don’t push pull through the model.
I make a circle a component and copied that around the perimeter and still same result.
It’s not just on this surface it is throughout the model.
I have never had a problem like this before.
I have opened a new sketch and coped over the model still the same.

All I can say is you must be drawing outside the context of the group with the face you want to cut.

With a second look, you have some very slightly unflat faces.
This is often caused by having length snapping enabled.

Something is not right but I will plod on.
I copied the original model from another sketch and scaled it up 10x.
Maybe this caused a glitch in the model.
The original file was covered in rivets and was just getting too big and causing a lag.
I just stripped the original down, so it was manageable. Trying to add steppers to motorise it.

Just turned off length snapping and saw an old post where you slate of this option being enabled :grinning: Lets see what happens.

Unfortunately turning it off at this stage won’t fix the issues. A model with tiny twists can be impossible to fix.

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Its off for next time :+1: I will plod along with this one and redraw stubborn objects. I have had models in the past with this problem but worked around it by cutting and pasting and then intersecting.
Bit of a pain.

Cheers Eddy

I think you will continue to have issues with it.

Here is a simple example of how small the error is.
GIF 17-05-2024 8-55-35 PM

And this shows how even intersecting will create issues.
GIF 17-05-2024 8-59-46 PM

Thanks Box that is really good to know. That might explain why I do have problems sometimes.
Will switching off length snapping cure this?
I always try to draw along axes and just thought that the plane would be flat.

Turn off length snapping in all your templates. We have argued for years that it should be off by default. The only real use it has is laying out a course grid, as soon as it gets involved with inferencing it can force errors.
Once the tiny errors start they continue to spread through the modeling process. Usually it is easier to start over than try to fix.

You may have better luck going back to the original and checking it, and only take parts that are correct.