Drawing File Storage

Hi Team,
A quick question from a newbie. How many files are stored other then the 8 showing in File when you open your program
and where can they be found. I should have 18 files that were saved.



I don’t understand the question.

What are “the 8 showing in File when you open your program”?

Do you mean the most recently used files showing when you select menu File/Open Recent?

You should be able to find the folder where Sketchup saves your own model files using Window/Preferences/Files under the File Locations for Models.

To see the full path to that folder, click on the Edit pencil beside it, or scroll to the end of the address showing in the Model textbox.

It’s like any other program. There are a few shown as recently used. The rest of your file are saved where you directed SketchUp to save them. Try making a brand new model and hit Save. Pay attention to where it will be saved. Most likely that’'s where your other files were saved, too.

I’m not familiar with Windows 10 so I can’t give you specific directions, but on many systems the number of items kept in the “recently used” list is a system configuration parameter that applies to all applications.

Thanks again for the help, found under a folder where they were directed to go.