Drawing curves

In the past when I have drawn an arc in layout I have not noticed the ‘polygon like’ snaps that have occurred today.

I can’t remember changing any though I reckon I must have.

Any thoughts please?

What tool are you using to draw the arc? Can you share the LO file so we can examine it to see what you’ve got? Are you still using SketchUp and LayOut 2020 as your profile says?

Hi Dave R,

I’m now using Sketchup and Layout Pro 2021.

Haven’t had time to update my profile. Will do that now.

I was using the arc tool.

LO file attached.


I don’t see the arc on the page in your LO file. Did you delete it?

I did. The polygon only occurs whilst drawing - in dashed line. It disappears when the arch is complete.

I can’t duplicate it in LO here. There’s no setting to do this that I am aware of.

Thanks DavR

Try changing the fill color to something that contrasts with the background. Maybe it will make what is happening easier to see.