Drawing a wire frame for printing in 3D

I want to print a 3D miniature clothes hanger that is about 7" long with the “wire” 3MM in diameter.
It there a tricky way to do this? I can’t find a way to increase the line width and I am not sure how I would keep a second line parallel with another line when it has bends and curves. Any ideas?

You’re talking about 3D printing? When I model for 3D printing I use meters instead of millimeters. I would model your hanger such that the diameter is 3 meters and the length of the hanger about 118 meters long. I would draw a path for the centerline of the hanger and a circle with a 1.5 meter radius so I could use Follow Me to create the “wire”.

With model units set to meters when exporting the .stl and importing the .stl into the slicer with units set to mm, the thing should be the correct size.