Drawing a smooth recess to the bottom of a cylinder


I am drawing a jar and I need a smooth recess in its bottom. On another jar I drew sometime ago (different size) I made a smooth recess on the bottom as you can see in this picture:

This is exactly what I’m after but with the new drawing I can’t get a smooth recess like that. I start with a flat bottom:

Offset tool, 5mm:

Again offset tool, 3mm:

Now if I Move the inner circle on the blue axis 1mm down I get:

Which creates an array of small rectangles and the recess is not smooth at all.
Why can’t I push the inner circle to create a 1mm smooth recess?

Thank you!

Make sure the circles are welded, not exploded segments.
You get the hard lines if the edge is exploded, the lines are always there it’s just that they are soft in the smooth version.
You can also use the Eraser + Ctrl to soften the lines.

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Excellent, thank you.
How do I create an animation like that?

It’s just a screen grab software that saves as .gif