Drawing a curve

is there a way to draw a curve on a particular plane?

Um… yes
Perhaps you could explain a bit more what you need to do.

I am drawing a tram platform roof with the shape across done but I need to draw the longitudinal shape,


Assuming the profile is the same for the length of the building, maybe create a face with the shape shown, Push/Pull it to the desired length, then delete the bottom face, leaving an arched profile.

Could then use Joint Push Pull to give it some thickness.


I should have said curved longitudinal shape like this.

There’s various methods including extensions. A simple method would be push pulling the original shape to the desired length, then scaling the end horizontally and vertically to form the taper. The attached image shows what I mean.

Or you could use either the Arc tool, or a Bezier Curve extension, to draw the longitudinal profile, then use Fredo6 Curviloft extension to fill in the surface.

Thanks John Mclenahan I drew curves across the cab rood reducing in height then used curviloft the add the surface and Freedo6 to give the correct thickness.