Drawing a batten barn door

I am having problems drawing the angled battens on my door. Also, when I zoom in or out the dimensions change and things don’t stay aligned as drawn.

A screen shot illustrating your problem would be most helpful.

Hi Bug
As a new user to SU I have enlisted the help from very helpful posters here, the best thing I learnt was to make a .gif of what I was trying to do, this way it was much easier for those that know to understand and see what you are doing incorrectly.
There are a few options I believe to make a .gif but the only one I have ever used and remember is called LICEcap. Install this program and make a .gif of what you are trying to do and it will make everything a lot easier :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

As well as, or even better than, a .gif, please upload your model (the .skp file) using the seventh icon from the left above where you post.

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When the model is uploaded does that enable you to see the complete workings ?

In short, yes. If it is confidential, either send it to me by private message (PM), or share a part of the model only.

To send a PM, click on the person’s avatar, then Message (envelope) icon.

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BugShed Door_1.skp (98.6 KB)

Do you really want just a 2D drawing or are you trying to make a 3D model of the door?

You’ve got some weird stuff going on with the nesting and dimensions.

Are the battens drawn at the correct angle?

Does this look like what you want?
Screenshot - 10_21_2017 , 1_25_20 PM

Thanks for writing I wasn’t concerned about a 3-D model, just a 2-D sketch. I did this just for practice although I will be making these doors in the near future. Again, thank you for your reply.

Either way, you would find it useful to learn about using components.

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