Drawing 3d element


I want to draw this element (left) in 90 degress. I use “follow me”, but it is noot good its not in 90 degress. How to make this?


The problem you are seeing is do to the fact that the start of your path is not perpendicular to the surface.
In the process of FollowMe, SketchUp will automatically realign the surface so it is perpendicular to the path and then proceed with the sweep. You have a few options.

A) Redraw the path so leading and tail ends of your path are perpendicular to the surface.
In the below example, I just create a circle and then rotate that circle so the midpoint of a facet is the starting and ending point for the path (24 sided circle works fine).
Remove the unwanted 270 deg parts of the circle and use the remaining as the path.
NOTE!! The path does not have to touch the actual surface.

B) Have your surface sweep along a complete circle (360 deg).
After the object is complete, split it in quarters using faces and Intersect with Selection.

Remove what is not needed.

I hope this helps



You might be interested in the Spirix plugin. You can take your outline and revolve it 90 degrees (or any amount):

The plugin can be obtained from: https://sites.google.com/site/spirixcode

The documentation is somewhat lacking, but if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to try and answer them.


Thank you guys, now I see that is possible. “jimhami” can you explaine how did you do that?


I apologize for not having a good tool to capture SketchUp sessions (anyone know a good solution or two?).

The steps are pretty easy, but duplicative. Create the template, group it, and align it to the X/Z axis:

Next, trace around the template starting in the bottom left corner and continuing counter-clockwise to the top (do not connect the top back to the bottom):

Run “Spirix | Create Group” and give it a case-sensitive name (I used “template”). Next, run “Spirix | Create Surface” and enter .25 for the revolutions and “template” as the Start Group. Give it an optional name (I used “dejvidk”) and click “Okay”:

The surface of revolution will be created:

Note that only the “skin” is created:

You will need to add the end surfaces either by rotating and duplicating your original template or by editing the newly created dejvidk group:

I’ve included the model in SketchUp 8 format:

dejvidk.skp (260.4 KB)

Hope this helps.