Draw line off axes and off plane at the same time

Drawing lines along axes is relatively easy. But when drawing lines between two objects that are not aligned with any axes, and in addition are not on the same plane, it becomes more difficult for me. A straight line is easy, but if you draw a line to make pipework it can be more difficult. Especially if there are obstacles in the way to avoid. Possible to upload pictures her? If not, see this link:

In the video it was the hose going to the Pump (Til pumpe) I struggled with the most.
I need the tubes to enter the valves or go-through pipes in a staight angle in order to not get gaps. To do this, I change the axis so that red axis follow the item, and draw a straight line out from each. Or follow the pink colour. Then comes the problem to connect the two lines in a way that floats naturally for a rubber hose. when drawing off axis, it is hard to see which way the line is going. I try to alter the view, but then other problems appears. I can of course use the Rotate tool and try to aim the lines, but still a bothersome way to do it. I tried to download the extention Bezier Surface Revolution to maybe help me out, but after downloading, the extention is greyed out and un-clickable. I don´t know why. Anyone have suggestions to othe extentions that can help? Or tips on a good way to do this? A Youtube video maybe? Have tried to find one without any luck.
Sorry for many words, but hard to explain the issue.

With Bezier Curve Tool

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I don’t think that’s what you want. You need to draw curves and for that you might use The Bezier Curve plugin. I would use FredoSpline, though. It is much more robust and offers a lot of options for editing curves. When I want to do the sorts of things you describe I will start with a volume as a reference, In my example that’s a simple box but the shape could be more complex. Then I draw my curve to fit in the box. With a Bezier curve the control points are usually along the edges or at the corners of the box.

Thank you Mihai. I downloaded it, and find it under Draw. Does i come with a toolbar?

The Bezier Curve Tool was good for some work, but not for all. A struggle to get the curves to be in the direction I want.