Bezier curve question

Ok, Im about to go nuts!!! This should not be this hard to do! I am simply trying to use the native Bezier Curve tool and can not keep the curve “co-planer” There has to be a trick! could someone please tell me what it is?

There is no native bezier tool.

Depending on which you are using, you may just need to draw it on a rectangle that is on the plane you want.


I was assuming that it is a native tool as it is part of the drop down from the “draw” menu selection in “pro”. In any case, I’ve tried drawing rectangles and still can’t seem to draw the curve on the face. It wants to go off on its own. Has to be something that I’m doing wrong.

It is a plugin that is set up to show in the Draw menu.

I think so. Share your .skp so we can see your setup.

Technically there is no default bezier tool indeed, but I’m guessing they are using the one from Sketchup.