Unable to draw curves


I’m trying to draw curved lines using the line tool as in this article: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/95552

I can only draw straight lines. I’ve held down the mouse button but nothing happens. HOLDING DOWN THE MOUSE BUTTON DOES NOTHING. There aren’t any curving options at all. What am I doing wrong? Please help. thanks.


That article is for LayOut, not SketchUp. There are plugins that will create a bezier curve similar to what’s in LayOut - bezier has ‘basic’ controls and 20 segments (unless the script is edited.) It’s parametric, so after the initial curve is made, r-click the curve and an edit option should be in the context menu.

For bezier-on-steroids, move on to BezierSpline (join SketchUcation for free to download.)


Much appreciated, thanks.


Hi there!

I had just the same question and it was already solved.

Any way… as I use illustrator, the line tool on LayOut is just exactly the one that solves all I need… but is not on SketchUp and Bezier… mmm doest not do it for me =( So… Is there any way to have the most alike tool for drawing curved lines in SketchUp as the one in LayOut?

By the way… I draw some curved lines in LayOut and I saved the file in dwg and tried to imported to sketchUp but, it says “Import failed”… Any reason why?

Many thanks! = )


I don’t think you totally understand the relationship between SketchUp and Layout. Drawing curves in Layout to import into SketchUp is not the way to go. Perhaps someone else can explain it better. I suggest you take the time to find out how SketchUp works with Layout. It will make your experience with SketcfhUp/Layout much more productive.


Did you try BezierSpline? The link is in the same post. The basic, bezier curve tool provided by the SU team was a nice sample script. BezierSpline greatly expands upon that early start. What more do you want? With BezierSpline installed, you can draw out a few connected edges, select them, r-click and convert them into one of several bezier curves the plugin offers. Read the instructions that come with BezierSpline.

Regarding the DWG issue, check out the DWG export version your created with LayOut verses the import version SU supports.