How to pull a line to round it



Sometimes I see some people in youtube drawing a line (a normal straight line) and suddenly they pull (I have no idea how) it in the middle so the line makes a curve! If they push closer to the start/end point the curve gets in that direction, if they pull in the middle of the straight line the curve gets almost symetrical.

How can I do that? I tried googling bug found nothing! Maybe I didnt know how to search it. I dont even know how to ask that easily…


They are probably using the Arc tool, from your description.

Does it look something like this?

But if doesn’t look like that (the tool is just a pencil, not the pencil with the little arc beside it, and the line is solid, not dashed), provide a link to a YouTube video that shows what you describe, and someone here can try to figure it out.


No, not exactly this. Please take a look at this ->

Go to the section “Drawing curved lines” (ctrl+f). You can see that they draw a line using the pencil tool and bend it later! How?


Using one of several Bezier Curve plugins if in SketchUp… Not a native tool in SU, but several different plugins available, from Extension Warehouse or SketchUcation Plugin Store (google them).

However, the video is talking about Layout, not SketchUp. The Layout program comes with SU Pro, not Make, but there is a 30 day trial of Pro (and hence Layout) included in the Make download.


really sad! ;( why didnt they inserted this layout tool inside sketchip? why? pretty sad! I dont like using external plugins, it’s always hard to find a good one, we spend so much time and time and suddently they crash.


Modern plugins from reputable authors rarely interfere with others, or crash, these days, but there are exceptions. As far as I know, the Bezier Curve plugins are pretty stable.


SketchUp is all about external plugins, you better start loving them :slight_smile: and most of them are stable. If you’re having hard times to find a good one, just ask people here, they will direct you (as John did).

Also take a look at this cardinal points usages which might come handy for your cases.


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