Draw a surface between two curved lines

I try to draw a torpedo (in fact a float of a boat).
My problem is "how can I draw a surface between two different shapes.
First, I tried manually to connect by lines the two shapes … a huge work, it must be a clever solution :slightly_smiling:
I also used Sandbox but without good results

Sample in skectchup 2015

Any idea ?


Fredo’s Curviloft available from Sketchucation would handle that with ease…


Turning the shape upside down might make it possible to use the Sandbox from Contours tool on it, with some cleanup afterwards. It can be used as a basic lofting tool but it can only handle surfaces that are not vertical or with an inverse pitch.


or just use the move tool…

rotate 90 degrees…

move the top until it sticks to the bottom, then hold shift while pulling back to the start position…

clean up…

BTW: I don’t know how anyone can model in Parallel Projection…

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Tank you for your help.
This is the final result (I have to clean some parts in the structure, but it’s ok)

BTW: I also changed the view to parallel (an old reflex from my previous architecture studies) :slight_smile: