Drape Tool outside Sandbox?



Is there a way to use Drape’s functionality to project a profile onto a regular plane? This’d allow one to PushPull a 2D shape into existence, and circumvent the impossibility of using PushPull on a curved surface. Fredo6’s solution, Joint PushPull, has some undesirable side-effects.


Of course you can. Keep in mind, though, that Drape only projects vertically.



Thanks for this, I’ll look into it; I just didn’t want to go down another blind alley, not knowing if it was going to turn into a dead-end. I haven’t managed to use Drape successfully yet, but that’s mainly due to the fact I was just noodling with it in passing, and not towards a concrete project.


Actually, what I need is a tool that does the opposite of Drape; I’d like to be able to project, in this case, the crescent onto the surface beneath it, silhouette style. Odds are this should be a feature request, as handy as it’d be, and probably relatively simple to write…
Unless, of course, there already IS a way to go about this…
Actually, maybe I’ll start a new topic over this, if nothing comes from this solved thread.


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