How to Project a curved surface to another curved surface?


I need help and I think you can help me, I need to know if there is a way or a plug in to project a curved surface to another curved surface (something like the drape tool). But I cant seem to get the drape tool to work, maybe I’m doing something wrong, or maybe I don’t quite understand the tool yet. The thing is I have an arc (more like a tube) passing over a curved surface and I want to project where its passing onto that surface in order to use it as a reference (I’m going to 3D print those solids in diferent pieces so I wanted to make a mark on the surface to know where to attach it to the tubes).

I don’t know how well I’m explaining myself I guess this sounds a bit complex, I tried to upload the file but its 17MB and I can only upload 16MB, and since I’m new I can only post one picture. But anyways the dark colored are the “tubes” that need to be projected and the white surfaces are the one that need the “marks”.

Hope thats enough, Thanks in advance.

Like this?

Un-Soft and un-Smooth the edges of the tube, and then use Drape Tool.

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I guess it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to?
Then try that:

That works! Thanks!