Drape Images over .dem sandbox

Hi everybody,
I’m struggling around the way to drape an image (orthoimage) over a model made importing data form a .dem. file.
I’ve tried following a couple of tutorials which suggest to make a flat layer above the model, fill it with the image as a texture and then project the image, but it doesn’t work for me.
When I import the .dem file, obtained form Lidar data and exported form Surfer as a . DEM file, the model looks fine, but with all the face of the polygon, thus I create a unique surface, then I place above it a flat layer and fill it with the texture of an orthoimage. Now, I could I drape it over the below model?

  • explode your image
  • right-click on image > Texture > Projected checked
  • then follow the steps in this GIF

Thank you mihai.s. When I use the bucket it only colors all the faces of my model like this:

Any suggestion? Thanks

  • right-click on image > Texture > Projected checked like in GIF.
    Texture must be “Projected”.

Thanks, I did it again, and now it worked!
The quality is very bad of the sandbox derived from the .dem file even if it’s taked from a High resolution survey (Lidar 2x2m). Any suggestion on how to improve it?

I have not worked with .DEM files so far, but for 3D models of a terrain, I would use Fredo6 TopoShaper.

Also see if the tips here are useful to you: https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup/importing-dem-files-terrain

If you can get a regular satellite image and project it onto the terrain, I have found that approach better than the lower res image that comes from the terrain import. ( at leas as it applies to the digital globe SU imports). Not sure if this can apply to your situation?