Drape groups onto terrain?

I am having an issue with the separation of groups on my contoured terrain. When I drape one of my groups such as boundary lines, set back lines, etc. onto my contoured terrain the group becomes a part of the terrain group and I am not able to separate them out to put them on the appropriate group so that I can turn that layer off or on. Any help?

I am working with Sketchup Pro on a Mac. Thank you

When you drape onto the terrain, the new edges will be part of the terrain geometry. That’s what Drape is designed to do. If you want to keep the setback lines or whatever as a separate group, you could extrude the shape through the terrain, intersect those faces with the terrain and delete everything else in the group.

Then the group containing your set back lines or whatever can be give an appropriate tag. Of course all edges and faces are to remain untagged.

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Thank You. That is a nicely detailed answer.