Draping tags from an imported DWG to terrain

Thank you in advance. I am working with sketch up pro 23. I have imported a dwg of a surveyors map. I have been able to turn the contours into terrain. However, when I try to drape other tags, like trees, road, property line, etc the result is a grid patterning of the terrain (I assume showing hidden faces of the terrain).
while I have your attention I am also curious if anyone knows the best way to keep or make a reference point for alignment of tags to be draped onto terrain. (how to make sure things are where they are supposed to be when the terrain is made.)

Please update your profile. It says you’re using SketchUp Go. Also correct the Operating System (16.6 is not an operating system) and your graphics card. (1TB is not a graphics card).

You can’t drape tags. Perhaps you mean you are trying to drape the groups/components that have been given tags.

It would help if you share the .skp file so we can see what you are getting.

Again, you cannot drape tags. Tags are given to groups and components (all edges and faces should be untagged) to mainly control visibility of said groups and components.

Thank you for the clarification! Yes, still learning my way. I updated the info you mentioned.
I will attach 2 files. on showing the tree component I am trying to drape and a second showing what it looks like after I drape them
tagged whole topo.skp (431.0 KB)

tree results.skp (1.9 MB)

Probably more useful (and this is what you actually want) is to position/drop those trees on the ground, not to drape them.

At learn.sketchup.com you will be able to learn the basics of SketchUp first - groups, components, tags.


When you tried the Drape command, even if the other tags were not visible (the geometry with those tags), it was fully applied and that’s why it appears on the terrain, because it was all in the same group.

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Thank You! I love what you did here! thank you for the tips. Did you do sound for the video you made? if you did it is not coming through. also it seems you are using an extension I will look into. looking forward to being as fluent in sketch up as you are.