Dragging a selection window

Learning SketchUp and cannot figure out solution to selection window.
Here’s what tutorial says:
*“In addition to directly clicking on objects in your model you can also drag a selection window to select multiple objects…
Watch the selection window as you drag left to right…
This shows a solid window outline and it will only select objects that are completely inside the selection window.”

When I drag the mouse I do NOT see the solid outline when dragging LtR nor the dotted selection window when dragging RtL. It does select it when I release mouse but no outlines. I would like to be able to see what I’m selecting for whatever I’m doing.

I did try checking and unchecking the Open GL/Use fast feedback in Preferences but nothing new.

Any ideas? Thank you!

It DOES sound like a graphics card issue, but I am guessing your card should be up to the task…
the outline is very faint on a retina display but it’s visible.

It might be a screen-resolution issue where the selected lines are too feint.
Can you change that ?
What are your current settings ?
However, to see if anything is actually getting selected, open Entity Info beforehand and after you try to make the selection see what’s listed in Entity Info…
If it lists objects it’s selecting, but the display is foobar !

My screen resolution is 1920 x 1080. Here are screen shots when I open Entity Info. The first shows when I drag (and release) my mouse over the bars at the top of diagram. (Yes, really.) The second is dragging RtL.

09%20AM|690x388 Thanks for your help.