Sketchup 2017 questions

Is there a way of getting the solid and dotted selection outlines back? I have no way (aside from visualizing it in my head) of knowing the parameters of my selection window in 2017. Screen shot of 2016 version that had this feature. You can’t see my cursor, but it’s on in to top left hand corner of the dotted rectangle:

These screen shots are from a project I’m working on at the moment in SU2017 on my PC. You aren’t seeing these?

Nope, nothin. neither of them. There’s not much point in taking a screen shot either, because there’s nothing to see!

This is usually an Opengl problem.
Try updating your graphic card driver.
Also try going to Window/Preferences/Opengl and untick or tick ‘Use fast feedback.’

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It was already ticked. I’m updating my graphics card driver anyway just to see if that makes any difference. I had just updated it a few months ago, but we’ll see what happens!

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