Downloading Materials



I am attempting to import or download more wood flooring in the materials section. I tried the 3D Warehouse, but the wood flooring downloaded as a component and not in the materials section.


After clicking on a model in 3D warehouse - you can see on the right the option to expand the materials panel and download any of the model’s materials. Compare that with the large download button that shows the SketchUp version next to it.


Eric beat me to it but here’s another video about downloading 3d warehouse materials.


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Hi April (@aprillynch01),

I see you have been around this forum for several years, but your user profile is not yet complete. It is beneficial to provide complete information because other users can respond with greater efficiency to issues of concern to you if they know something about your system setup, such as the version of SU or the graphics card being used.

Please complete it by including the version of SketchUp you most often use, the type of license you have and the graphics adapter name. Bear in mind that “Intel” fails to accurately describe which graphic card is in your computer. Your card may be an integrated graphics adapter, in which case your Intel adapter could be coupled with a manufacturer such as nVidia or Radeon.

You can see the name of the kind of graphics card in your system by opening the Control Panel, then clicking on the hardware tab, then hit the Device Manager button, and finally click the Display Adapters icon in the list of hardware devices that will appear in a new Device Manager dialogue box.

Whether your system has an integrated graphics adapter or not, the graphics card(s) residing within your computer will be shown there.

Note that this is intentionally being posted in the open forum rather than as a PM because all Forum participants should be aware of the need to accurately record their user profile information.


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