Downloading 3D warehouse components missing

Hi there!
I’ve just started using 3D warehouse so this is probably a very stupid question with an easy answer! I’ve found a lovely model castle in 3D warehouse that I want in my model. In the pictures and 3D view it has a vaulted roof, but when I download the model, the roof isn’t there. Just the walls, floors ect… but no roof. I’m sure it’s just hidden or something but I have no idea how to uncover it? Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
Pics for reference.
Pic 1 is the picture shown in 3D warehouse , pic 2 is the model that appears once it’s downloaded. Pic 3 is a screen shot taken whilst in the 3D model viewer in 3D warehouse.


It looks like the component has an active section plane inside it.
Switch on the view of section planes via menu: View > Section Planes.

Refer to the User Guide chapter: Slicing a Model to Peer Inside

If you wish to switch off all section cuts (caused by all section planes,) then uncheck View > Section Cuts.

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Ayyy you got it! Thank you :slight_smile:

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