Downloading 3d models from google earth

Hello, for my project I need two models from google earth. One is of Saraighat bridge, Guwahati, Assam and another one is of Rang Ghar, Sivsagar, Assam. I easily got the model of saraighat bridge from sketchup but am not getting the model of Rang ghar. I tried to search using name of model maker but that also didn’t work. Is it possible to get that model? I need it for my thesis project.

Hi @himani Some of the buildings may still be available through the ‘Nearby Models’ search function in the components browser. Here’s a lesson excerpt from our SketchUp Campus that explains how to use that function: Let me know if you have any questions. *Note that you have to have your model geo-located in order to search for something nearby. If it’s a well known landmark, then simply searching for it using key words on 3D Warehouse is the better way to go.