Downloaded 2016 can't access

can’t access ,click on sku folder no terms & conditions come up .Had previous SKU no problems for 2 years.
See attachment ,this what comes up .Dax

First question, what version of the OS are you using (please fill in your profile better). The folder icons don’t look like current versions of OS X. Your OS may be older than current versions of SketchUp support.

Also, what Mac hardware? The “no” circles through the app icons usually means incompatible hardware (e.g. an old 32-bit Mac or a 32-bit binary on a 64-bit Mac. Though SU is only released as 64-bit on Mac, there have been a few reports of OS X getting confused about the bit-ness of an app due to a faulty installation).

Second question: how did you install SketchUp? Your image shows the SketchUp 2016 folder at the same level as the Applications folder, which is not where the official installer puts it!

that looks like you haven’t ‘installed’ SU and are trying to run from the installer…

Drag the SU icon over the Applications Icon to install…