Download Legacy SketchUp Models Directly from 3D Warehouse


In light of Trimble’s recent policy changes, which have ceased support for older versions of SketchUp, I’ve developed a Chrome extension that might help. Since “Save As” to earlier versions is not available in SketchUp 2024, and downloading older .skp versions from 3D Warehouse is no longer an option, this extension aims to fill that gap.

Extension lets you download legacy model versions directly from the 3D Warehouse website.
(The available versions for each model depend on the original upload time to 3D Warehouse?)

Get it here

Please note that while this extension works now, it may be affected by future policy updates from Trimble. You need to log in first to download the models.

Feel free to try it; I hope you find it useful!


Hai Vo


thanks a lot… great work!

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@curic4su … Nice. :+1: :+1: Not real happy about having to d/l and install Chrome, but I’ll live with it. Thanks for creating this extension. I was about to completely give up on the Warehouse.

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What’s your preferred browser for daily use?

I use Mozilla Firefox … it’s my default browser. But I discovered that, even while logged in to the Warehouse via Google in Firefox, I can log in to the Warehouse in Chrome using the same UN and PW that I used to log in inside of SU2017 before Trimble pulled the plug on that version of SU.

So…it’s all good. Like I said - I was about to give up on the Warehouse. And then I saw your post. :smiley: :+1:

well… yeah. The chromium version in SU21 and older is not supported by the 3d warehouse website, but in a browser it’s fine. and your account is still good, even without a sub. the warehouse is accessible to free users as well :slight_smile: