Double loop chain for hanging swing

I’m looking for some suggestions on how I can add a chain to a swing on my deck. The chain on the swing is a size 2/0 double-loop type. I didn’t find any similar chain in the warehouse. I’ve attached a skp file for the swing, a picture of it, and a cut sheet on the chain with dimensions. The chain link is a fairly complex model and, so far, beyond my ability to draw.

swing.skp (564.1 KB)

Scan0002.pdf (273.1 KB)

How set are you on having the chain modeled? Even if it is created as a simplistic component, it’ll add a ton of geometry to your model and might cause performance problems.

I imagined that might be the case, Dave. I’d be satisfied with any way to show the swing on the deck without just having it suspended in mid-air.

I’d probably just use cylinders more like rope instead of the chain links. It’ll get the idea that the swing will be hanging and not simply floating in air without you having the time invested in modeling and placing the links.

I made a crude chain link but it won’t take many of them to exceed the size of your swing model.

Rope was my second choice! Thanks again

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