Doorways & Windows

I am adding headers to doors/windows. I was successful on 2, fixed a couple bugs on another and continue to run into problems. When I erase the lines on the white headers, my entire plan disappears. Something seems off, but I am new at SketchUp and not sure how to troubleshoot this.
I have attached an image to show my results.
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It would help if you upload the .skp file so we can see what you’ve actually got going on. You have a lot of reversed faces in your model. There should be no visible blue back faces.

Are you using SketchUp for Schools which is web based or SketchUp 2022 Pro? Your profile is confusing.

SketchUp Pro 2022. Very new at this. Looking for the .skp instructions as I’m not sure how to upload that file. I had ‘reversed faces’ when I converted to 3D. Is it possible to verify this now that I am this far along in 3D?
Thank you

I don’t understand why ‘reverse faces’ applied to certain walls and not others. I think there are a couple things wrong here… 1. I have blue walls and 2. I can not erase lines without 3/4 of my plan disappearing. I am attaching another pic for reference. I look forward to your advise.

The actual file helps so there is no guessing. Drag the.SKP into the reply of a message.
Also If you spend some time at The Learning Center, you will learn how to use the tools to get what you want. (interactive tutorials) Also, go to The SketchUp YouTube Channel and pay attention to the Square One series. Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.

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I noticed the dashed bounding box on your latest image, which suggests to me that nesting of groups may be the source of your confusion? But, as DaveR said, seeing the skp file itself would be the only way for us to be sure.

To make your file a SKP, go to “download” and select SKP. It will appear in your PC as a download. It’s a good idea to save it in a document folder as a backup. Then, you can copy it and attach it as a reply to this string in the forum and the experts can help you.

This would be the correct pathway to get the .skp attached here if the OP was using SketchUp for schools as their profile indicates. But in a previous post they indicated they are in fact using SketchUp Pro. A great example of why correct profiles are so useful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just drag the saved file off your computer and drop it into an open response window.

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Hoping this SKP attempt works. Thank you for so many comments. I’m working on it.

SKP .skp (2.0 MB)

The issue with the reversed faces is that you started with your floor plan drawn in 2D. When you then start extruding faces many of them ended up reversed (blue back side out.) There are also no faces at the bottom of many of the walls.

Most of your walls are wrapped up in a group but you’ve got headers drawn outside of the group. These are shown selected and have their faces reversed. Some of those headers don’t actually close the gap either.

You needed to have opened the group for editing before drawing in those headers.

I’ve cleaned up the geometry, corrected the face orientation and deleted the coplanar edges.

SKP .skp (1.4 MB)

A better workflow would be to draw the perimeter of the building and use Push/Pull to give it some thickness befoore you draw the outlines for the walls. Or delete the floor before you pull the walls up to height.

Oh my goodness. All of those issues are not ones I would have known how to correct. Not to mention that I thought I did all of the correct steps before going to 3D. This is a tough learning curve and I will be glad to better understand the nuances.
Thank you so very much! I was stuck.

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