Door header does not match opposite wall

I’m extruding door headers in a model made from a floor plan and have managed to misalign two walls very slightly. I also have a guide on the floor plane which is not responding and cannot be deleted.

Before I recreate from scratch, I am wondering if anyone can offer a way to move the opposite wall so that it matches? I’ve tried selecting and moving various combinations of geometries but just end up back where I started but slightly more frustrated :-/
Upstairs-ul.skp (333.8 KB)

It’s not vital that the model is 100% accurate, I just want to be able to delete the additional lines once I’ve pulled the door header across so that as far as the model is concerned, the wall is continuous. As it stands, If I delete the additional lines on the face of the wall over the doorway, the wall surface gets deleted which is not what I want.

Not at my computer so I can’t look at your model to help with the alignment. But I can think of two things that could prevent you from deleting a guide. One is if it is nested inside a group or component that is not open for edit. The other is if it is a guide point with a “tail” . You have to select the point itself to delete it, you can’t select the tail.

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Thanks for this and for taking the time to post a video. However, without a written explanation of what you are doing and why, I was unable to follow along. It looks like you are doing something with push/pull which produces a tooltip that says ‘on line’ that I’m not sure how to do. If it makes a difference, I’m on a Mac and using Sketchup Pro 2022.

Thanks - this was it. A guide point with a tail :slight_smile:

With the PushPull tool you align one face to another (that’s what you see in that gif).

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Thanks. For anyone else following along, I was able to do this as follows:

On the top of one wall, make a guideline using the protractor as per @mihai.s’s gif. Adjust the wall’s extruded depth by using push/pull and as you do so, hover over the guideline you created until you see the ‘on line’ tooltip. Do this again for the other wall or surface you want to align precisely.

Once I had aligned both walls to the guide line, I was able to create my door header and delete unwanted lines as expected. Thanks to everyone for their replies.