Don't know how to work with curves

Hi guys, i want to know if i’m able to connect this edges of the curves to look like the window of the Dulles Airport, and if i could, how do i do it?

It will help if you can get straight-on views of the windows, rather than views looking up to the roof. Before you can model the windows, you’ll need to figure out how the curve in a vertical and horizontal plane. I also think you need to model the slanted concrete columns. They appear to taper from floor to roof. Their shape and position will help you determine how to model the windows.

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It’d help to find the difference between your reference image and 3D model.

  1. Yours has rounded window panes, but each window is flat.
  2. Yours is 5 windows wide, but it’s 6 windows wide.

I’d recommend making a 6 sided arc, extruding it upwards 3 segments tall. Offset each window maybe 2"-3" to make the window frame. Make the inner faces a window group, then extrude them an inch or so & give them a transparent texture. Use the joint push pull extension to extrude the window frame a couple inches in both directions to make sure the window panes are centered. Texture the window frame black.

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I did it that way and worked! really apreciate you forestr!!

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