Domain Registration Requests

Can you whitelist this domain ? ?


Good evening.

I checked with our tech department and they already have Sketchup as part of our marketplace in the education suite.

I am stuck in an endless loop of selecting my Google account. My email is and our students use

What do we need to do?



Can you whitelist our domains?
Teachers –
Students -
Thank you


Please whitelist the following:


@dana.ponder @erinwhite12000 @dpeterson @bwiegele @alain.doutrelepont @jessegray @kyle.macfarlane @jrenderVBISD

I have added your domains to our registry. Please keep in mind that SketchUp for Schools still requires admin approval before users can access it from your school accounts. In order to approve the app, an administrator with Domain or Global admin privileges must deploy the app from our Google marketplace landing page.

@dana.ponder That’s correct, SketchUp for Schools is free to use for all primary and secondary schools through GSuite and Microsoft O365 for Education.

Can you confirm whether your domain admin has approved the app?

Your admin may still need to approve the app for use on the domain. I’m not sure how G Suite handles sub domains such as yours but it’s possible that they are treated as two separate accounts with unique permissions for each.

Seems to be working now.

Must have taken some time to propagate permission.

Please Whitelist We are a K-8 school district. Thank you.

Steve, yes I have done this and it’s showing under a domain account but goes in circles when you try to ‘login with google’
I have also removed it and re-added it.
The one thing that is not right, is ‘additional setup’ which just takes you to a T&C page and there is no ‘APPROVE’ or anything there. Is that right ?


Please whitelist the follow domains:

please add

Can you please whitelist

Please add


Our G Suite administrator deactivated Google Classroom to force the teachers to use Schoology this year. Please add our domain to the registry.

Thank you!

Could you also whitelist ?
We are the grade 9-12 laboratory high school of ISU.

Please add and to your list. We are a private school in Greenville, SC.

Thank you

Steve and Team
I am still unable to access Sketchup (new blue logo now!). It still goes round and round in circles.Access has been granted but even I as admin cannot!
Please please help!

Please whitelist the following (K-12) domain